Cayman Island Pirates Week Is One of the Best Festivals in the Caribbean

Ahoy, matey! Cayman Island Pirates Week comes once a year and is one of the best times to find yourself on Grand Cayman. These 5 days of fun are filled with mock pirate invasions, incredible costumes, and special events. Pirate legends are key to the culture of the Cayman Islands, and no other time of the year celebrates them quite like this. Stay at The Residences at Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman to enjoy the festivities on Grand Cayman, then consider traveling to Little Cayman or Cayman Brac to enjoy their celebrations!

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Pirates History in Grand Cayman

The history of the Cayman Islands is sprinkled with an array of pirate attacks. It is said that the first settlers of Little Cayman fled due to a pirate invasion! While it is unknown how much exactly pirates had to do with the Cayman Islands, it is well-known that some of the most infamous pirates of the Caribbean often used islands to repair ships and restock supplies. It is even legend that Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, buried treasure in Cayman Brac!

What to Expect During Cayman Islands Pirates Week on Grand Cayman

Cayman Islands Pirates Week is 5 days of fun for people of all ages! The whole family will love the entertaining aspects of this celebration of culture. The Pirates Week Kick-Off Party is the biggest celebration of the year, where thousands gather to watch a mock pirate invasion. Two pirate ships float in from the sea into George Town harbor, then pirates unload and “capture” the governor. The rest of the week is filled with even more events like parades, fireworks, competitions, and more! Don your pirate gear and get in the spirit of Cayman Island Pirates Week. Grand Cayman Pirates Week 2017 begins November 9th and ends the 13th.

Cayman Islands Pirates Week on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman

Cayman Islands Pirates Week on Cayman Brac begins a few days before the festivities on Grand Cayman. The festivities begin with an annual bonfire. During these few days, guests can expect parties, parades, happy hours, and fireworks! Cayman Pirates Week 2017 in Cayman Brac begins on November 3rd and ends on the 5th. Little Cayman gets into the spirit by offering a few events, including a costume competition!

Make Cayman Island Pirates Week Even Better!

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