Why You Will Love a Visit to the Cayman Islands Brewery

All beer enthusiasts know that there’s nothing better than visiting a brewery with good friends to try a new brew! If you’re visiting the Cayman Islands, you’ll soon discover that they not only contain fantastic bars and restaurants, but also an outstanding brewery: The Cayman Islands Brewery! This beloved brewery specializes in hand-crafted beers that are delicious and flavorful, causing both visitors and locals alike to flock to this magnificent establishment. Learn all about what this place has to offer and make plans to stop by during your next getaway to the Cayman Islands!

Here Are the Best Things to Do at the Cayman Islands Brewery

Take a Tour

Find out how these tasty beers are made here at the Cayman Islands Brewery! One of the friendly staff members will take you on a guided tour to get a behind-the-scenes look at this popular local attraction. Learn how the beer is created, then watch the fascinating bottling process!

Hang Out in the Taproom

Take your time here at this brewery! They have plenty of beers for you to enjoy. Whether you’re craving a crisp, refreshing wheat or a rich, hearty stout, you’ll find the perfect brew for you here. If you start to get a little hungry, never fear- there’s usually a food truck parked out front that can serve you a bite to eat. Live music and other events frequently take place here as well! Be sure to “Like” the Cayman Islands Brewery Facebook page (nicknamed “Caybrew”) so you can receive the latest updates on what’s going on at the brewery!

Buy Some Merch

Commemorate your trip to the Cayman Islands with a souvenir! The Cayman Islands Brewery has some great merchandise for sale, including hats, T-shirts, sunglasses, coffee mugs, and much more. Buy something cool so you can represent this local business while you’re spending time in the Cayman Islands!

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Photo by tomorca / Thinkstock