Why Cayman Thanksgiving Is the Ultimate Holiday to Celebrate on the Islands

Celebrate the Cayman culture with the people who make it so special! Cayman Thanksgiving celebrates Caymanian heritage and way of life with a weekend-long holiday. It’s the perfect time to learn about and immerse yourself in the unique culture that’s grown through the Islands over the centuries.

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Cayman Thanksgiving

What Is Cayman Thanksgiving?

According to the holiday’s official website, Cayman Thanksgiving is a “weekend-long national celebration to honour Caymanian heritage, culture and way of life. This is a time for fellowship among family, friends and neighbours while allowing an opportunity for our Caymanian community to express gratitude for our many blessings.” The holiday happens each year on the first Sunday in December.

Why Is the Holiday Celebrated?

The day and weekend are a time to give thanks and rejoice in Cayman culture. However, the date of the holiday symbolizes its own meaning. Organizers of the event and holiday chose the first Sunday after the Atlantic hurricane season (June 1 – November 30) because of the profound impact both Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and Hurricane Paloma in 2009 had on the Cayman Islands. The end of the hurricane season just gives the locals another reason to celebrate and give thanks.

What Are the Festivities?

The Cayman Islands celebrate the holiday with five distinct events or traditions. The festivities are Market and Music, Giving Back, Worship Service, Getting Together, and Prayer Gathering. The fun kicks off with two free farmers’ markets the Saturday before the holiday. One takes place at the Cricket Grounds in George Town and the other at West Bay Heritage Park. Both events feature lots of local food for your Thanksgiving meals, live music, food demos, and more!

During the weekend, locals and tourists alike are encouraged to give back to the Islands in any way they can. Caymanians are traditional Christian, and many attend a special worship service during the celebration. Much like American Thanksgiving, this Cayman holiday involves a large meal with family and loved ones. Many local restaurants participate and serve traditional and elevated Cayman dishes. The Monday after the weekend of fun, all are welcome to join Cayman Ministers Association for a Cayman Thanksgiving Prayer Gathering at the George Town Town Hall.

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