Your Guide to Coral Reef Diving in Grand Cayman

On the dry land of the Cayman Islands, you can expect gorgeous palms, white sand, and a shining sun. Under the bright blue waters of the Caribbean, there is so much more to be explored! Coral reef diving in Grand Cayman will open your eyes to one of the many wonders of the ocean. With its wide variety of colorful fish and other fascinating underwater creatures, the Caribbean is a treat to explore underwater. Whether you choose to see the reefs by scuba diving, or from a boat, you will be impressed by their beauty.

If you’re planning a trip to the Cayman Islands, our free Vacation Guide can help! It gives recommendations on things to do and see in the area, like coral reef diving in Grand Cayman. It even tells you what important events are going on throughout the year so you’ll never miss out during your stay at The Residences at Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman! Vacation planning can be hard and time consuming, so let our free guide make it easier for you.

Coral Reef Shore Diving in Grand Cayman

Turtle Reef

Turtle Reef is one of the best sites for snorkeling and diving in Grand Cayman. The entrance to this reef is in a little cove in the ironshore next to two restaurants. The light cast into the water from these two restaurants has become a tool for fish to use to hunt in the shallows. The site itself is a mini-wall that descends sharply to around 60 feet. You will see fish swimming lazily through the colorful coral attached to the wall.

Devil’s Grotto in Grand Cayman

Devil’s Grotto is another popular site for shore diving in Grand Cayman. When you reach the site, there are rentable lockers for you to keep your keys and valuables in while you dive. In the Devil’s Grotto, the coral is gorgeous and the marine life is plentiful. While you’re in the process of your dive, make sure to take the time to appreciate the eerie yet beautiful light that peeks through the cracks and crevices under the coral heads.

Sunset House Reef

Sunset House Reef is located just outside of Georgetown. When you visit this dive site, you will get a little bit of everything! You can see a WWII era wreck, deep wall and shallow reef, and a 600-pound bronze statue of a mermaid. With so much to look at, you are sure to want to go back to this popular dive spot.

Grand Cayman Offshore Diving

Wall Diving with Off the Wall Divers

To experience one of Grand Cayman’s amazing underwater walls, Off the Wall Divers can help! When you wall dive, you’ll have the amazing experience of swimming over the tips of underwater mountains. These incredible coral-covered hills rise from the sand thousands of feet underwater. You’ll be able to see brilliant colored coral and thriving marine life.

Coral Reef Diving in Grand Cayman with Living the Dream Divers

You will get incredible service from Living the Dream Divers. They take small groups of divers out onto their customized dive boats to multiple sites for coral reef diving in Grand Cayman. They will help you plan the perfect dive vacation!

If You’re Uncomfortable With Coral Reef Diving in Grand Cayman

If you’re uncomfortable with coral reef diving in Grand Cayman, you can still see the reefs from a glass bottom boat! These tours are laid-back, relaxing, and still offer phenomenal views of the underwater world below. You’ll get to sit back in a comfortable seat as you gaze in admiration at all the marvelous creatures swimming by- while staying dry the entire time!

Where to Stay in Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands is a destination overflowing with opportunities for adventure. You’ll want to stay here as long as possible to experience this place to the fullest, so be sure to book the finest accommodations possible! Book with us at the Residences Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman; we have the finest villas, suites, and amenities waiting to fulfill your every need! Go coral reef diving in Grand Cayman, then come back and relax on your private porch or poolside. We know you will make unforgettable memories here in the heavenly Cayman Islands, so check our availability today to start planning the trip of a lifetime!