3 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Spotts Beach in Grand Cayman

When we think of Grand Cayman, soft white sands and glittering, clear waters come to mind. Palms sway in the breeze as the sun warms the earth. This island is a paradise unlike any other. When you stay at The Residences Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, you’ll get to experience island life through sand, sun, and luxurious accommodations. Visit multiple beaches during your time here like one of our favorites, Spotts Beach in Grand Cayman.

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Spotts Beach in Grand Cayman

1. Avoid the Crowds

While there are many gorgeous beaches on the island, they can get a little crowded depending on the time of year you go. We love Spotts Beach in Grand Cayman because it rarely sees these crowds. Many locals frequent this beach for this reason! Parking here is free, and there is no admission to get onto the beach. Pack a picnic to eat at one of the picnic tables, or spread your belongings on a beach blanket; you’ll have ample room! Many also like to snorkel here; you won’t have to worry about running into others.

2. See Sea Turtles

Spotts Beach in Grand Cayman has become well-known for the sea turtles that swim in its waters. The best time to see the turtles is in the morning or evening, but there is a chance to see them at any time of day! Grab a snorkel to see the turtles swim in their natural habitat. While snorkeling, you’ll also see some coral and other sea life. If you don’t want to get in the water, the beach has a short pier you can usually see turtles from.

3. Watch the Sunset

If you’re looking for places to watch the sunset, it’s always gorgeous at Spotts Beach in Grand Cayman. At the southwestern part of the island, the reflection of the water produces a gorgeous sight every time the sun goes down. It’s the perfect place to come with your sweetheart; share a bottle of wine here as you watch the sky and ocean turn brilliant shades of pink and orange.

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