Why You Need to Visit Hell in Grand Cayman

A trip to Grand Cayman will give you access to experiences you’ve never had access to before! Our island paradise is like no other. Did you know you can even take a trip to Hell in Grand Cayman? Located in West Bay, an array of jagged black limestone rocks make up this incredible formation. Visitors flock here to see this interesting sight!

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About Hell in Grand Cayman

The whole family will love this unique experience! Don’t let the name deter you– while technically unknown why this geological formation was named Hell, there are a few legends that may explain it. The most popular opinion of where it got its name is because of how it looks; many believe it to be similar to Hell’s landscape. Another theory is that if you throw a pebble into the rocks, an echo makes it sound as if it is falling into a deep abyss.

These limestone formations look as if you are looking out onto another world. Black and jagged, they are the opposite of what you would expect to see against the white sands and blue waters of Grand Cayman! This particular formation is known as “ironshore;” it is actually a fossilized coral reef that is more than a million years old.

Visiting Hell in Grand Cayman

You can come visit Hell in Grand Cayman on your own or through a tour. Admission is free and there is an expansive viewing platform to look over the limestone. A popular activity here is to send a postcard; it will be postmarked from “Hell.” There is also a gift shop filled with themed souvenirs for you to browse through. Find funny t-shirts and hell-pun memorabilia here!

If you’re looking to tour the rest of the island, we recommend an excursion with Cayman Safari Adventures. They offer various driving tours with stops at places like Hell in Grand Cayman to give you a true taste of the island! They also make sure to take you to some local spots so you’ll know what Grand Cayman is really like.

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