Here’s Why You Will Love the Bioluminescent Bay in Grand Cayman

Sometimes, the Cayman Islands feel as if they belong in another world. These tropical islands offer the opportunity to swim with some of the most stunning sea creatures in the world, dive through shipwrecks, and explore beneath the earth’s surface in a cave. Above all, the Bioluminescent Bay in Grand Cayman is one of the most breathtaking sights you will ever encounter. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the ocean lit up like a starry night sky!

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What Is Bioluminescence?

Defined as “life emitting light,” bioluminescence is a beautiful part of nature. The creature or organism produces this light by releasing energy from chemical reactions inside or outside its body. While commonly found in the ocean, the high concentration of bioluminescent plankton, known as dinoflagellates, in the Cayman Islands is extremely rare. There are only 12 locations in the entire world! Because the bioluminescent organisms are so small here, it seems as if the water itself is lighting up. The bay is on the North Side of Grand Cayman near Starfish Point.

How to Explore the Bioluminescent Bay in Grand Cayman

George’s Watersports

Young woman diving underwaterWhen you go on the Bioluminescence Tour with George’s Watersports, you’ll get to play around in the water and see it light up. Take the 20-minute boat ride to Bio Bay, then choose if you’d like to snorkel or stay in the boat. We highly recommend snorkeling; all gear is provided, and you’ll have a much better view of the gorgeous water! When you go underwater with your mask and move around, you will have much better visibility.

Cayman Sea Elements

Board Cayman Sea Elements’ pontoon boat just before nightfall for gorgeous views of the sunset as you get taken to the bay. Once you’re there, your guide will tell you all about this marvel. After, you are welcome to get into the water and explore for yourself. Snorkel gear is provided and you are more than welcome to bring refreshments to enjoy!

Getting ready for kayaking with Cayman Sea ElementsKayaks Tours

Do you want to see the water light up right below your kayak? The Bioluminescent Kayaking Tour with Cayman Kayaks is a magical experience. Guided by an illuminated kayak, you’ll paddle your way to the bay. Once you get there, each time you place your paddle in the water, you’ll see the water light up right before your eyes!

Let Our Concierge Plan for You

At The Residences Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman, we pride ourselves on outstanding service and amenities. Our guests have access to a private concierge that can help plan your stay. If you want to experience the Bioluminescent Bay in Grand Cayman, we will take care of all the details. 

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ocean view from residence 712 of the residences seven mile beach in grand caymanCome experience the beauty and enchantment of the Cayman Islands for yourself. The Bioluminescent Bay in Grand Cayman is just the start of the wonders that can be found here. Book your stay in the best accommodations possible to get the most out of our island. The Residences Seven Mile Beach has the finest rentals and amenities waiting for you. Browse our properties to explore the stunning water views, state-of-the-art kitchens, and more. With tennis courts, two pools, beachfront access, a private concierge, and more, you will have the getaway of a lifetime. We look forward to hosting you!

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