Cayman Safari Adventures Are the Best Way to See the Island

The crystal clear waters, swaying palm trees, and exotic wildlife of the Cayman Islands make a vacation there feel like a dream. One of the best ways to experience the exquisite natural beauty of the islands is to embark on one of the many tours offered in the area, like Cayman Safari Adventures. Not only do these land-based drives show you all around Grand Cayman, they also give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. They will even pick you up right at The Residences Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman so you don’t have to worry about travel. Let your guide show you exclusive spots other vacationers have no idea about while you learn how the locals live. See, hear, feel, and taste a different way of Caymanian life when you embark on one of these safaris!

For more information on Cayman Island excursions, download our free Vacation Guide! As your ultimate resource for planning an unforgettable vacation, it includes the best tours in the area like the Blue Iguana Safari Tour and Cayman Safari Adventures.

Cayman Safari Adventures Tours

Crystal Caves and Nature Park

The Crystal Caves and Nature Park tour will change the way you see the Cayman Islands. Your tour guide will take you on an underground adventure into a fascinating world. Explore the caves filled with amazing stalactite and stalagmite crystal structures unlike anything you have ever seen before. Trek through the unique rainforest nature over to the cave entrance, then revel in the beauty that has taken hundreds of years to form! You’ll also have a few exciting stops on the way, like Smith Cove and the Shoe Tree.

East Safari

Climb aboard your customized Land Rover and begin your Grand Cayman safari tour of the east side of the island. Experience breathtaking views and get introduced to the local island culture. The stops chosen will showcase the area through authentic experiences, interactions, and demonstrations of Caymanian culture and history. The tour is over 5 hours long, so you will even get to sample some traditional island cuisine with a local lunch and snacks. Stops include Pedro St. James, Botanic Park, blowholes, and many other picturesque spots, so make sure you bring your camera! If you’re short on time, the ½ East Safari Tour will show you the highlights of the popular excursion in a condensed version.

West Safari

Explore the west side of the island while your guide tells you all about its culture, history, and heritage. The customized Land Rovers will take you through the isolated beaches, mangroves, and lush greenery of Barkers National Park. Sample rum cakes at the Tortuga Rum Shop and visit the Cayman Turtle Centre. One of the most interesting aspects of the tour is a trip to the jagged limestone formation famously named “Hell.” You can even send a postcard from that location, and it will be uniquely postmarked “from Hell!”

Customized Tours

If you want to create your own island schedule, then the Custom Cayman Safari Adventures Tour is for you! Your guide can assist with any event, destination, or activity you desire. Mix and match different aspects of their pre-planned tours, or create one entirely your own. Itineraries can include everything from sightseeing to shopping to bar hopping!

After Your Tour, Relax in the Finest Accommodations

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