Why You Will Love a Blue Iguana Safari Tour

The Cayman Islands are filled with never-ending wonders. In this tropical destination, you can do everything from swimming with stingrays to exploring beautiful caves. The gorgeous beaches and colorful culture combine to create one of the most fascinating vacation destinations in the world. One unique feature of the Cayman Islands is they contain the stunning and rare blue iguana! If you take a Blue Iguana Safari Tour while you’re visiting Grand Cayman, you’ll get the opportunity to see this one-of-a-kind creature. Here’s everything you need to know about taking a Blue Iguana Safari Tour!

Everything You Need to Know About Taking a Blue Iguana Safari Tour

Where Is the Blue Iguana Safari Tour?

These tours take off from the visitors’ center in the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. The tour is approximately one mile in length and follows a gentle, easy route on foot. You’ll get a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at the blue iguana captive breeding facility and will likely see these big, bright lizards darting around the park! They can grow to over five feet long and weigh nearly 25 pounds!

When Can You Take a Blue Iguana Safari Tour?

These tours are offered frequently to all ages! You can take a tour every day of the week (except Sundays) at 11:00 a.m. Be sure to bring along some sunscreen as well as a camera to catch a snapshot of these interesting reptiles.

More About the Blue Iguana Recovery Program

These magnificent creatures almost went extinct in 2002. Blue iguanas were sadly disappearing due to habitat destruction, getting hit by cars, or getting hunted by stray dogs, feral cats, and even snakes. Since then, numerous efforts have been made to help the blue iguanas flourish once again. Conservation efforts include creating subpopulations in protected areas, then releasing them when the reptiles are old enough to fend for themselves. Thankfully, with hard work from many dedicated individuals, the wild population of blue iguanas in the Cayman Islands is increasing.

Where to Stay During Your Vacation to Grand Cayman

There’s so much more to do here than simply admiring the blue iguanas! Here in the Cayman Islands, you can do everything from enjoying an afternoon of golf to experiencing an underwater night dive. In order to complete your dream vacation in this heavenly destination, treat yourself to a stay in the most beautiful accommodations possible. Book a room with us at the Residences Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman; we have the finest suites and amenities waiting to accommodate your every need! With incredible views overlooking white beaches, dazzling blue waters, and colorful gardens, you will never want to leave our deluxe properties of the Cayman Islands. Go out and explore the many incredible nearby attractions of our local area, like the Mastic Trail or the many mysterious caves, or you can simply relax in the comforts and amenities of our residences. We know you will make unforgettable memories here in the warm, sunny Cayman Islands, so check our availability today to start planning the trip of a lifetime!