Starfish Point on Grand Cayman Gets Five Stars for Being One of the Best Beaches

Find time to travel to the north side of the island and experience Starfish Point on Grand Cayman! This beach is isolated and sets the scene for a relaxing break from all the adventures. Wade into the thigh-high waters, and you’ll see massive, bright orange starfish that make their home here. It’s the ultimate destination for a day full of family fun. Read on to learn more about what makes this beach one of our favorites. Then, be sure to check out our Vacation Guide for more authentic local insight on the best of Grand Cayman. 

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3 of the Best Reasons to Visit Starfish Point on Grand Cayman

1. The Striking Marine Life 

The main attraction, for which the beach received its name, is the magnificent abundance of colorful starfish! These beautiful sea creatures adorn the coastline of Starfish Point. Walk into the waves and when the water reaches above your knees, look down! The Red Cushion Sea Stars typically reside in the shallow waters here. 

2. Fun for the Whole Family 

The bay’s shallow waters make this area a wonderful place to kayak, paddleboard, and snorkel. Bring a picnic and spend your morning or afternoon sunbathing, snacking, and exploring. A visit to this beach is an excellent addition to any itinerary! 

3. Great Opportunity to Relax 

This quiet beach sets the scene for a relaxing afternoon under the sun. Stroll along the sandy beach. Kick back and catch some sun. Get out in the water, and let the beautiful views set in. 

Additional Attractions in the Area to Add to Your Itinerary

Visiting Starfish Point on the north side of the island is the perfect addition to a day spent visiting other nearby attractions such as: 

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